Of sisters and heartaches

When you see your sister silently crying and you can’t do anything to comfort her because you’re too confused and your heart breaks for your sister,  you buy a tub of ice cream and pray for miracles.

A million questions come running through your head and no words seem to come out right.

“But you looked so good together! ”
“But just earlier that day, you changed your FB profile pic?”
“And didn’t just attend our sister’s birthday celebration just yesterday?”
“And doesn’t he come to our house almost everyday just to visit you?”
“How can a three-year relationship end just like that?”

“How can love just vanish overnight?”

“How did it even happen?”

You were blindsided. You really didn’t see it coming.

Apparently, he’s really confused with his feelings. He’s found another girl, his classmate. They’ve been sending text messages to each other for a month now and that exchange may have blossomed into something more.

At least he admitted that he’s confused. At least he has the decency to break it off with her before actually starting a new relationship with another girl. Far too often you hear of two-timing guys, stringing along two hopeless romantic girls. At least he didn’t cheat on her.

You can’t help but hope that this isn’t over, that maybe there’s still hope, maybe this was just a temporary thing that couples undergo. Maybe he’s just stressed out with his graduation coming up and bar exams coming up in a few months. Maybe he feels that your sister couldn’t understand and came to his classmate for support.

Your sister’s heart is breaking and you’re still  making excuses for him.

It was honestly hard for you to see him as a bad person because you’ve seen him treat her so well on different occasions. In the past he’s showered her with love and devotion. He has surprised her with gifts, flowers, and little notes. There was even an instance when he sent you text message asking for my sister’s shoe size cause he wants to buy her shoes for her birthday. You honestly believe that he’s a decent guy.

It was devastating to see her like that but somehow, you cant’t even bring yourself to hate him.

Of course you’re on your sister’s side. You get angry at him for making her cry, for breaking her heart, today of all days. His timing couldn’t be more worse. It’s bad enough that she’s already stressed out. The results of the 2014 bar exams are coming up in a few days and she doesn’t want to disappoint her family. Of course you don’t want to see her hurt. You get angry at the guy and then get mad at yourself for not hating him.

You feel guilty and sad and helpless…

…so you just sit still, cry quietly and fervently hope that the ice cream will do it’s work.


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