My 2015 Bucket List

  1. Swim with the whale sharks in Oslob
  2. Learn how to actually solve a Rubik’s cube without using a guide
  3. Find a part time job. I need extra cash.
  4. Enroll in some courses like barista, bar tending, baking
  5. Teach my little puppy, Felicity Smoak, some cool tricks and have her enrolled for agility training
  6. Be financially stable and start saving money
  7. Read at least 4 books per month
  8. Travel all over Visayas!
    1.  Siquijor
    2. Bantayan Island
    3. Camotes Island
    4.  Aklan
    5. Calanggaman Island
  9. Be brave enough to try The Plunge EAT Danao in Bohol
  10. Go crazy and try all amenities at Sandbox Alviera
  11. Speak another language- Portuguese
  12. Study a programming language
  13. Join trivia night
  14. Go camping
  15. Finally go back to the gym




I wish I’m brave enough and rich enough to try all these things:

  1. Skydiving in Bantayan
  2. Scuba diving in Moalboal
  3. Fly boarding in Mactan



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