Sitting at the back of a whale shark as if it’s nothing

Do I really look I was calmly sitting on the back of a whale shark?
If I was, then I guess I’m setting myself to be a target for environmentalists of all sorts. I could just imagine receiving a lot of hate mails from PETA.
But before you start judging me, please know that I don’t even know how to swim and was nowhere near the whale shark while this picture was taken. I was actually scared of drowning the whole time!
Still, you have to admit, it would definitely be cool if I could actually do that. It kind of reminds me of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. You’d have to reach a certain level of coolness if you could just hang out with those gentle giants without worrying about breathing underwater.

To those who want to try swimming with these gentle giants, this is located in Oslob, a small town in Southern Cebu! It’s a bit far from Cebu City but the 5-hour drive is definitely worth it once you see the whale sharks up close.
Swimming only costs PHP500 for locals and PHP 1000 (USD 25) for foreigners.





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